Michael Covel Presentation at Market Technicians Association Event in NYC

michael covel

An excerpt on my presentation before the Market Technicians Association:

Michael Covel was the keynote speaker at this year’s Market Technicians Association Annual Symposium. Covel has made a name for himself as a chronicler of the Turtle Trading experiment and an outspoken proponent of trend following….This was much better than that. Covel claims that market profit is about the right mentoring and practice, not genetic gifts, inborn talents, or Asperger’s memory brilliance. You simply need a winning philosophy and strategy, backed by proven positive results that you can execute. Unlike some industry experts who hint at elusive secrets, Covel’s unabashedly open about what he believes works and the things that he’s learned from winning traders…Covel is an engaging speaker and writer. In addition to the keynote, I had an opportunity to sit down with him and have a real conversation. I’m happy to say that he has a terrific grasp on trading, traders, and an interesting perspective on what works. –Howard Getson


michael covel

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