“I Love Your Ability to See the Big Picture and Tie in Many Diverse Thinkers to Your Core Concept”

From a reader:

Michael, I just wanted to reach out and say how much I am enjoying your work. A few years ago I decided it was time to learn about the markets. Until then I had only had a passing interest but in 2008 I became fascinated with the whole financial system.I am a musician, writer and audio engineer and had spent all of my time in those pursuits. Then as I watched the whole thing unfold I decided that it was time for me to take matters into my own hands. I think I had avoided it up until then because I knew that once I dove in that I would go deep. And I have. I started reading and watching and learning as much as I could. At some point I came across the turtle story and your website. I read one of your books and then another. Trend Following is a favorite thanks to the many quotes you use. I love your ability to see the big picture and tie in many diverse thinkers to your core concept. I have also watched your movie and lately have followed your podcasts. Amazing interviews with deep insights. As an Air Force brat I also grew up in Northern Virginia. (I went to Lake Braddock) Growing up in that area shaped much of how I see the world but now I live in [place] and am raising two children and mixing sound for Television and Film. I just finished my first novel and now spend my nights working on trading systems. I am still early in my journey and learning more all the time. It sounds like you are based in [place] these days. I don’t know how often you are in [place] but if you ever have time when you are here I would love to take you out for dinner or lunch or drinks (coffee or other depending on your preferences…) and talk about the world of Trend Following. Again, thank you for sharing the wisdom you have worked hard to come by. Kirk W.

Thanks Kirk. A coffee in the near future!