Trend Follower David Harding on Fast Money

He tells them what he does and that his trading method is scientific/mathematical.

They then ask for a forecast.

7 thoughts on “Trend Follower David Harding on Fast Money

  1. This is the third time in 2 years that CNBC has interviewed David Harding and they are still no closer to understanding that he doesn’t try and predict the market.He goes with the flow.He doesn’t fight the market with some ridiculous fundamental ideas.Listen to what he said about oil at $30 and what happened next.This guy is one smart dude.For me he is the greatest British trader ever!!

  2. They just seem so lost and on a different planet wrt trend following-i almost expect one of them to say”ahh that stuff doesnt work”.Sure they enjoyed David’s presence but one gets the impression that such interviewers feel threatened.Gone are the juicy stories,fictitious financials,scandals,news earnings,predictions,forecasting,gurus and sages.
    Had a guy like Buffett been there there would have been unrestrained adulation and searching for folksy wisdom instead of the polite,bemused and sometimes amused attitude shown here.

  3. it really is amazing to listen to how ignorant the panel is of what harding does. and even when he explains that he is essentially reactive and not predictive, they want him to predict stuff, or how the market feels to him now.

  4. CNBC simply plays to the masses and want picks…rather we’d like him to talk about process.

  5. Brilliant. David Harding stands head and shoulders above others in the financial world. He is so humble about what he does. If we try and trade with similar ideas we won’t go far wrong.

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