Reader Feedback on The Complete TurtleTrader

A nice message (MP3) from a reader about my book The Complete TurtleTrader.

One thought on “Reader Feedback on The Complete TurtleTrader

  1.  I have read this book and I can say that it is very good. I am a trader
    too, a trend following trader in stock markets. During many years I have
    developed my trading style and I can say that trend following is a
    winning scheme to be used. I don’t think that either intraday trading
    or short term trading are the solution to produce fast wealth even if
    they are exciting. If a trader user leverage properly and mantain a
    position untill the trend he is following lasts, he will have incredible
    returns whith much less stress. I don’t know why so much people are
    active intraday traders and spend their lives following a price on a
    screen that goes up and down continuosly. Our life is worth much more
    than doing that. I can do this kind of prediction: as more and more
    money flows in the markets, trend following will be more and more
    usefull in the future, by producing higher and higher results.
    Personaly, I don’t know Michael Covel so I don’t need to adress to him
    one of my compliments, but in general I think he is absolutely right.
    One thing I can suggest to Michael: he can study finacial cicles and
    then he can write an entire book about them. They drammatically increase
    trend following performance. This is my two pence thought. Good luck.

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