The Polyphonic Spree of Trading Systems Makes Me…

A random unsolicited email arrived today:

Dear Micheal [sic], attached is a more precise work for the point target of DJIA performing supercycle expanding triangle. Each swing in the formation holds a type of a-b-c correction waves. DJIA is now performing the 3rd wave of c subwave of 4th (D) swing of the expanding triangle.

1) D (4th) SWING of EXPANDING TRIANGLE FINAL TARGET : 15605, (calculated by the swings of the formation)
2) c SUBWAVE of the D (4th) SWING FINAL TARGET : 15192, (calculated by the abc waves of the D (4th) swing of the formation).

Possible time frame for the final target: December 2012. Both are the forecasts of the final destination before the nightmare collapse. Please see the attached excel file for calculation and graphs. Regards, Cemal S.

Thanks. While I wait for the nightmare collapse, perhaps some sprightly hippie inspired music would help my anxiety?

5 thoughts on “The Polyphonic Spree of Trading Systems Makes Me…

  1. Delusions aside, good song Mike. I remember hearing it in “Eternal Sunshine…” with Jim Carrey.

  2. You don’t need a prediction to make money in this buisness.  Tell him to face the direction of the stock exchange and wave bye bye to his money.

  3. The Hippies are prepared for the nightmare collapse. They have their white ascension robes on just like the Millerites.

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