Funky Town Allows Prediction Fantasies to Flourish

From a reader:

Dear Micheal [sic], Finally, there is no doubt left for the direction of the DOW. It’s obvious that it’s heading upward targeting to complete the 4th swing of its long term expanding triangle. Precise target of the swing is 15.600,6 as of March 19, 2012 which is the touching point for the DOW at the upper bound line of the formation. Each day passing lifts the target for the swing up by around 6 DOW points for every week due to increasing nature of the upper bound line of the formation. After completion of the formation, we’ll face with a nightmare, a very bearish trend targeting at least 5.000 Dow points as 5th swing of the formation. Note the amazing and perfect oscillation around 10,000 for 12 years. It will continue to the completion of the 5th swing until around 2016-2017. Please see attached the excel file for the daily target calculation.

My response comes from a video circa 1980:

Did my video response make any sense? That’s my point.

4 thoughts on “Funky Town Allows Prediction Fantasies to Flourish

  1. If it were that easy, we would all become bank holding companies and borrow from the Fed at 0%, only to dump the cash into mini dow futures.  But alas, it just isn’t that easy.

  2. Mike that was a great laugh. I don’t know what that guy was smoking but I bet the stuff was good!

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