Tennessee Trend Following

Feedback in:

Hey Mike, this is going to sound crazy, really crazy, but its true. It was your books and research that changed my whole philosophy on life. In fact, 7 years ago, you got me to start thinking about my life situation and I was finally able to leave a cult that I was born and raised in (30+ years). I was always told how college is evil and independent thinking was dangerous. Well, [blank] that! My whole persona is now trend following in nature. Life is much easier and the stress is minimal because the future is unknowable; I’ve grown quite comfortable with that concept. One more thing, your podcast interview with Mike Shell was gold. I never knew there was a trend following trader living here in Knoxville, not too far down the road from me. I emailed him the other day to make some…plans to meet for lunch and talk shop. My best, [name]

Good luck!