In the Essence of Equal Time: A Counter to Recent Praise

An unhappy reader writes:

“I just closed the cover of Michael Covel’s latest Book, “Trend Commandments“…It is full non stop political blah blah blah…The author complains about all the “talking heads” on CNBC, well sir you are right up there with them! On and on and on you go about who said what. Who cares about who said what! We get it! Trend Following Works! Stop trying to argue with people by writing books! Seriously! He quotes numerous examples of people who disagree with him and he counters their opinions and tells them how stupid they are. Michael, save that for chat rooms! You even have a chapter called “Parliament of Whores!” Really? I did not need to read all of that political garbage to know that Trend Following works! If you want to read a book about trend following mechanics look elsewhere! It was quite annoying to read. He is too much into politics for my taste.”

You know what the web is not really good for? Debate. I would love to have these conversations/debates in public with audiences. That would be fun. On the other hand, Godin makes a point.

Fun Note: I did meet P.J. O’Rourke once at a Circuit City. We talked about his book–which clearly inspired my chapter title.