Podcast Feedback: “Great”

Feedback in about my new podcasts:

Hi Mike, Great podcast [mp3] covering Jeremy Grantham and his latest quarterly write-up. Right now the people I believe in and follow for economic investing advice are: Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Jeremy Grantham [and] you. You’ve been doing a great job on the podcasts. Have been listening to them faithfully. Some, like Faulkner’s [mp3], require more than one listening. Let me know if you’re ever in Seattle. Can offer you a nice dinner at place of our choosing plus a drink or two if that’s your thing for a chance to meet and talk with you. No agenda or anything. Let me know. One question: ever considered starting a fund as a live demonstration of TT in action? Would be interesting…Keep up the great work. Larry

Thanks Larry. When in Seattle, deal!

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