Charles Faulkner Podcast Feedback

My Charles Faulkner interview podcast has brought in nice feedback:

Dear Mike, I just had to drop you a quick note “thanking you profusely” for the Faulkner interview on the podcast. This was by far my favorite podcast you did. It was such a easy going conversation. I’m sure you could’ve gone on for another hour. Please have him on again soon. Sincerely, James Cerniglia


Hey Mike, just had a listen to the interview you did with Charles Faulkner…very nice indeed. I am a big proponent of how this methodology helps your trading and just your overall attitude and perspective on life in general. I do have on thing I would like to ask you though, I often here you refer to the herd or sheep behavior with trading, so my question is: do we use this behavior to our advantage, so we can jump on the bandwagon for trend following, but go against it in our conventional way of investing (buy and hold)?

Trend following follows trends. Just like the herd, it will follow the group, the trend. The difference? Trend followers have exit strategies as they know markets eventually reverse. They plan for this. That’s how you take advantage of herd behavior.

Note: Listen here.