A New Way to Think About Thinking

From the Atlantic:

The mind functions thanks to a delicate, intricate, sometimes difficult osmotic balance between the two systems, a push and pull responsible for both our most remarkable capabilities and our enduring flaws. From the role of optimism in entrepreneurship to the heuristics of happiness to our propensity for error, Kahneman covers an extraordinary scope of cognitive phenomena to reveal a complex and fallible yet, somehow comfortingly so, understandable machine we call consciousness.


2 thoughts on “A New Way to Think About Thinking

  1. Interesting video. Kahneman reveals the complexity of happiness and warns of the False Memory bias which seems to suggest there is wisdom in the saying “live in the moment”. But then at the end the “host” jumps on the stage and focuses on one result from one survey mentioned by Kahneman (which revealed the un-surprising notion that after a certain level, more money does not mean more happiness but lack of money can mean more misery) and suggests “public policy” should be informed by this result. A demonstration of Confirmation Bias and/or a clever exploitation of the audiences Memory Bias since that is the last concept presented. A rather narrow and misleading memory of Kahneman’s talk.

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