Fundamental Readings for the Curious

Consider some bearish sentiment!

Financial Cancer: Our Financial System Is Intrinsically Fraudulent and Unstable
Reduce Risk
What caused the financial crisis? The Big Lie goes viral.
Chinese Property Market Collapse?
Jin Liqun: Europe induces ‘sloth, indolence’

Covel note: “Don’t trade off my friends’ comments (solution: use a system), but during these crazy days when it feels like bank ATMs might crap out from a random bout of Greek (or Italian, etc.) indigestion, some fundamental insights are not a bad thing!”

3 thoughts on “Fundamental Readings for the Curious

  1. ironic thing about barry ritholtz’s article is that IT in fact is the big lie. factually lacking and mostly off base. written well, but like most who were not in the trenches doing the work, he’s wrong about much of the crisis causes. i would bet he’s never made a dime investing for himself, otherwise he wouldn’t be writing 10 articles a day.

  2. The big lie left out? That the American public had no culpability. They sure did. I witnessed first hand the orgy of people buying houses/condos they could not afford. There was no restraint by many. However, not everyone bought 4 condos in FLA, and today they are penalized by low rates for being savers.

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