How Low Can ‘Broke’ DVD Go?

My film Broke: The New American Dream is around #6000 on Amazon. If you have not yet seen it, and you want a honest take on what to do next with your thinking and your money, please give it a view. Guarantee your time will not be wasted. Plus, a concerted effort will move this outsider film up the bestseller list and force a wider conversation!

5 thoughts on “How Low Can ‘Broke’ DVD Go?

  1. I really enjoyed this, far more accurate and insightful than “Too big to fail” and Michael Moore’s “Capitalism”.

  2. Already seen it and liked it a lot, but isn’t the problem, in the case of “Broke”, is that your main sales channel is not Amazon? this is very far from mainstream, I bought directly from your website.

  3. ‘Broke’ is available on Amazon and iTunes. It premiered on The Doc Channel. That might not be HBO, but that was my point! It is still moving up the thought ladder 2 years after release. Why? A timeless message that works.

  4. Saw this film on youtube and knew I had to have it. I Bought it on amazon. I liked the part about the Lottery. Still amazed at people thinking they will be rich by buying a ticket.

  5. Loved it when I saw it last year. Maybe after the next crisis, you can do Broke 2 and interview [him] from jail.

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