2 thoughts on “Die Buy and Hold, Die!

  1. Reading this article doesn’t tell you anything…
    … what to buy
    … how much to buy
    … when to enter
    … when to exit.

    PLUS: What is a defensive stock? What is a secular bear market? How does he know? Is Ritzholtz making money? Why is he concerned about gold… just follow!

    And: He does not care if you get rich or not.:-))

  2. I agree with a lot of this.

    It amazes me how fund manager guests on Nightly Business Report, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. have experienced 30 – 40% drops over the past 4 months with stupid picks in industrials and financials.

    And of course, by God, they’re real men and are sticking to their guns!…until they run out of cash.

    For the sake of their clients, someone should take these arrogant bozos aside and introduce them to a stop loss order.

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