Dad Talks; Son Pulls Hair Out


“Today would have been a good day to buy stocks.” That’s what my father said yesterday after watching the news and hearing them talk about the days events. I immediately said “no it wouldn’t have.” He asked why and of course I just simply said, “you have no idea how low those stocks could go.” He then repeated the same old losing phrases of “buy low, sell high” and “buy at a discount.” I then said, “what if your stock never goes high? What if you end up holding a stock that will eventually file for bankruptcy and you lose your shirt?” He then replied, “I’m in it for the long haul.” That’s what they all say until a year turns into a decade into your entire life wasted holding on to a crap stock. I just couldn’t seem to get him to understand “Buy Strength, Sell Weakness.” By the way, my father is fully invested in the stock market in the form of mutual funds, that should give you some idea of how hard it is to convince him that buy and hold is dead. His mutual fund of course preaches the Buffett way of studying the fundamentals and so-called “value investing”. Thanks for all the work you do in spreading the word on trend following and showing investors, big and small, that the emperor has no clothes.


3 thoughts on “Dad Talks; Son Pulls Hair Out

  1. I had the same experience the other day. When Bank of America lost 20% in one day, a family friend emailed, asking me if she should buy it. I gave her the highlights of “buying higher highs/selling lower lows”. I ended the conversation with: “Never go against the market. Travelling northbound in the southbound lane might look appealing, and you might get lucky (for a short while), but it will eventually end in disaster”.

  2. Todd- well said. I’ve always been at a loss when trying to tell people about trend trading, I’ve always gotten the “blank stare”. The traffic metaphor is a good way to put it.

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