Trend Following v. Buy & Hold Masochists

One day does not mean squat, but for the curious trend following across assorted trend following traders had a very nice up day today. Buy and holders? You have played it that way for such a long time that you might as well hold on and keep giving mutual funds their fees, right? However, if you want to change the first step to trend following success is to admit your masochism for whatever other strategy–buy/hold, value, day trading–and walk away very fast:

2 thoughts on “Trend Following v. Buy & Hold Masochists

  1. Agreed. You heard all the same crap being peddled by the financial media today that you hear every time there is a crash….”stay calm and don’t panic sell”…”lots of companies look really cheap now”….blah blah blah.

    Wonder when the buy n hold crowd will learn but then again, as TFs we don’t really mind that they exist do we!

  2. Without a proper set of rules and method, prepare for a world of financial pain,confusion and inefficent market theory!

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