Find Your Nearest Exit

The other day Barry Ritholtz gave a speech in Vancouver. In discussing “exits” he acted as if he was a flight attendant–pointing to the nearest exits with all the typical arm motions (damn funny in person). His simple point? At all times–well before take off–know the location of the exits. Some don’t like that, like Larry!

2 thoughts on “Find Your Nearest Exit

  1. Consider, Larry may be a Trend Follower: he knows and expresses his volatility threshold (“I cannot do it, I will panic” and “I choke under pressure”), he doesn’t want to know about traditional approaches (traditional landing equals buy & hold) and he doesn’t want to know about the brochure (fundamentals). He knows what has worked in the past for him (not sitting by the exit door) and he knows what he wants now.

    The stewardess could be a broker holding a client’s hand through the firms recommendations (“you just need to stay put” while the plane is ready to take off). The plane represents the firms portfolio contra it’s client’s.

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