Punishing the Rich Is Impractical, Unethical

I may not have written this exactly as he did, and to say that labels bore me would be an understatement, but this passage regarding the political debate of “fairness” caught my eye:

“…there’s nothing fair about government conferring generous dispensations on dysfunctional, dependent conduct and imposing onerous encumbrances on those who enrich both themselves and others. It is both unwise and, at the deepest level, unjust to promote hatred and resentment…”

Agree 100% with that sentiment.

Life ain’t fair. Put a cup on and stop whining.

One thought on “Punishing the Rich Is Impractical, Unethical

  1. It´s way too late for philosophical debates. Either the US defaults or taxes are hiked to pay for the bank bail out.

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