Reaching Out Requires Elbow Grease

From a reader this morning:

Hi Michael, I first wanted to thank you for organizing the panel with Ed [Seykota] and Larry [Hite] at the MFA Conference last month. I really appreciated the opportunity to ask them a question about sticking to the system during a period of drawdowns. And thank you also for the copy of Trend Commandments you gave me during the book signing. It’s provided some great motivation for me to continue my work. I recently watched your interview with Kevin Bruce and was really drawn to the straightforward and almost humble way in which he described his trading. I am going to be in the Richmond area in the next two weeks and thought of trying to contact Kevin about a short meeting. I’ve developed several long term trend following systems and would love the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Do you know how I could contact him, either by phone or email? If you prefer not to send out his information, could you please forward this message along to him to see if he would be interested in a short meeting? I can also send him a copy of my work and short bio. Thanks again for all your great work. Kind regards, [name]

Best way to reach him is direct. A little research and you should be able to find him! Thanks for the nice words!

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One thought on “Reaching Out Requires Elbow Grease

  1. Find a web site and send him an e-mail and call his company. Ask him what you just asked Michael. He’ll either say yes or no. Never easy, but never complicated

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