Expertise Is a Posture as Much as It Is a Volume of Knowledge

Seth Godin writes:

“As the deluge of information grows and choices continue to widen (there’s no way I could even attempt to cover science fiction from scratch today, for example), it’s easy to forget the benefits of acquiring this sort of (mostly) complete understanding in a field. I’m not even sure it matters which field you pick. Expertise is a posture as much as it is a volume of knowledge. Reading every single trade journal, for example, or understanding the marketing, engineering and sales of your field–there are countless ways to go deep instead of merely paying lip service to the current flavor of the moment.”

The only reason that I have any following in the trend following world is that people know I have done the heavy lifting research. They know I have done the onerous work for them. They benefit from that.

3 thoughts on “Expertise Is a Posture as Much as It Is a Volume of Knowledge

  1. Indeed, thanks for all the effort you put into your work and the results you share with us!

  2. Since I have become a born again trend follower I start to see the ridiculousness and frankly quite insane madness of otherwise what are very intelligent people.

    Example being a chap who with great skill and enthusiasm explained in detail to me how he does what he calls “order flow trading” which is basically a blend of fundamental and technical analysis that utilizes the bid/offer level 2 quotes and then he takes it one step further by correlating this data with other assets and mixing in a dash of ‘news’.

    Now all this to the outsider looks very spiffy…but when you put his little “circus act” inside the parameters of two moving average crossovers and yet he still comes out rubbish profit wise compared to the ‘trend following event’ you cant help but feel sorry for him.

  3. Yup. Kinda like the traders who try to explain using Candle sticks, Pareto, Elliot wave,and Fibonacci all on one trade!!! Talk about confusion!

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