Headline Noise Never Ends

Here are the “Top Stories” from this mornings Yahoo Finance:

– Obama asks lawmakers to make political sacrifices – AP
– Regulators shut banks in Illinois and Colorado – AP
– How bad is it? Pawn shops, payday lenders are hot – AP
– Flat jobs data signal weakest recovery in decades – AP
– Stocks sink after dismal June jobs report – AP
– Consumers borrowed more for 8th month in May – AP
– Challenge to Groupon’s model with trio of deals – AP
– Oil falls over 2 percent on weak US jobs report – AP
– Obama: Uncertainty over debt limit impacts hiring – AP

Those headlines, those headlines that have nothing to do with buying or selling a security to actually make money, are the reason for my new book Trend Commandments.

All of those headlines are designed to make you think that by reading you will propel yourself to some new money making realm with fundamental information. For the last 15 years these types of daily headlines have been spit out over the Internet nonstop. Will these types of inane greed/fear headlines be part of our world 15 years from now too? If so, why?

3 thoughts on “Headline Noise Never Ends

  1. The media has to try to keep itself relevant. They want people to believe that they can profit from trading off fundamental news.

  2. Just ONE example of media stupidity: CNBC in 2000: “Demand for tech expected to grow by 30% per year. In 10 years, NASDAQ will hit 70,000.”

    It’s now 2011…NASDAQ today is 2806…and that’s on a bit of a rally.

    Gee, seems their projection was off by about 12,300%. Maybe I’ll have them run my portfolio for me…NOT!!

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