Checking the Pulse: Words for the Weekend

Of course, I am not trying to push a fundamental view with these links, but if you wanted validation for the trend following way of thinking, these help:

Identify the Losers

Comparing The 2007 Topping Pattern To Now

Mike Krieger Explains Why QE 3 Will Merely Keep The Lights On

Leading Indicator: Temp Help Employment

Please don’t make a buy/sell decision off anything said in there.

One thought on “Checking the Pulse: Words for the Weekend

  1. Fundamental analysis and more so, prediction, is a waste of time.

    People spend hours, days, weeks coming up with these scenarios. the market doesn’t care. Entering markets with any bias whatsoever clouds a trader from seeing what is really happening.

    Price action is all that matters, all else is self-serving noise.

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