Cowboy Lobotomy

This press release came across my desk today:

“Hi Michael, Dallas Cowboy player, L.P. LaDouceur, will be at the [name] on Thursday, June 16 to talk with [name] Radio about the importance of financial responsibility amongst high profile individuals. With celebrities and professional athletes generating high income, it is important that they receive the proper education in managing their money, so that they are able to maintain their hard-earned capital. The program is endorsed by athletes like Steve Atwater, who have found financial success after taking the trading education course to better understand the financial market and the smartest investments to make. Will you be at the expo in Dallas next week? If so, this will be a great opportunity to learn about the tie between professional athletes (and other high profile people) and the importance of being educated when it comes to own money management.”

“Other high profile people”?

Goodie. Sign me up for a full frontal lobotomy! BTW, don’t most athletes go bust?

2 thoughts on “Cowboy Lobotomy

  1. Maybe they can listen to this guy from a fundamental site:

    “You are wrong! The crowd will get slaughtered in the short run by buying at the top while the secular short term correction on commodities is on play. Gold will certainly go down sharply for a short while; which will be a buying opportunity for the smart investors. The trend followers without fundamental understanding will lose their shirts because gold is a long term play, very long term!”

    “trend followers without fundamental understanding will lose their shirts.” (?)

    Golly…guess we better get us sum funny-mental understandin’…I’d sure hate to lose ma shirt! Hyuck, Hyuck…

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