Misinformation and Misinformation!

In my never ending search for all that is the opposite of systematic trend following, consider a piece that looks back at the silver bubble of 1980 and compares it to today. Not trend following! Dissecting the stock market’s P/E? Not trend following either!

3 thoughts on “Misinformation and Misinformation!

  1. If/when the silver chart STOPS displaying those supposed (imagined) parallels to the 1979-80 chart..what are the odds they will do a followup article? I find the rationale of using old charts to predict future behavior to be really, really weird, but then again I also recall that Paul Tudor Jones used similar logic to capture large profits in the 1987 crash (as documented in the PTJ documentary).

  2. It’s all about FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. They are all working against you helping you to work against your self. Be it WSJ, FT, Bloomberg, ZeroHedge, PragCap, etc etc etc they all want to make sure you fail so they can preach and preach and preach. Of course they all say they want the best for you but deep down in their hearts they want you to fail. Stick to the system and bleep off all the rest. 😉

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