Looking for a Clue

Feedback in:

“I always enjoy reading your newsletters and blogs about systematic traders trying to breakthrough with asset allocators – here is our most recent experience: We were asked to explain our investment philosophy in a short succinct note that could be passed onto management [Covel note: a fairly detailed PDF was sent]. The reply, ‘Sorry chaps nothing here about what skills you have in analyzing all these markets you claim to trade.’ How do you possibly convert those that do not want to understand? Thanks for the great work you’re doing for [trend following].” All the best, [name]

Analyzing! And of course they meant fundamentally… A nice reminder of where many keep their heads:

3 thoughts on “Looking for a Clue

  1. “A nice reminder of where many keep their heads”

    Photo was not the location that immediately came to mind.

  2. I sympathise entirely with the guy who shared his story, I get the exact same response day in, day out from large, seemingly sophisticated institutional investors. I think they are all wrapped up in this idealistic notion that there are visionaries out there who can analyze the markets and predict the future

  3. Don’t seek to convert. Seek to avert others eyes from the truth. This in the end will be good for your equity curve.

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