Attitude Wins

Michael Rosenberg of writes:

It’s good to sprint to the edge of a cliff and stop. If you almost get eliminated, two wonderful things can happen. One, you know you can handle the pressure, and you don’t worry about it anymore. And two, you feel like it’s your destiny to win. I don’t believe in destiny, but I believe in believing in destiny. What I mean is that a team that believes in its destiny is more likely to win. We’re seeing that now with VCU and Butler. As Kansas came back Sunday, VCU never came close to panicking, just as Butler looked like the more poised team down the stretch against Florida. We’re all surprised that those guys from Butler will face whoever those other guys from VCU are in the Final Four. But they don’t seem surprised, and maybe that helps explain why they are here.

Wise words. Relates to much more than college basketball — the original context.

One thought on “Attitude Wins

  1. Macke on following the Trend. “Don’t think Meat, trade”

    • In 15 years of trading for a living, I’ve never made a penny thinking I was smarter than the market.
    That’s why when I get emails telling me, say, crude oil “shouldn’t” be ramping or gold is about to collapse or stocks are going to roll over, I tend to click on the next note. It’s not that I don’t respect the concept of macro fundamentals — it’s that any experienced trader knows price is the final arbiter of wisdom. You can’t spend “shoulda” at the grocery store, and you can’t pay for your kid’s braces with what “coulda” been. Paying the bills trading means you have to make, and book, a profit. Everything else is just noise.
    To paraphrase Bull Durham, “don’t think, Meat, trade.”

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