Markets Are More Predictable Than You Think?

Markets are more predictable than you think? No they are not. I don’t know who wrote that, but they are either ignorant or trying to lift your wallet. An excerpt:

NEW YORK – The markets may be rational after all. The threat of severe nuclear contamination from a breached Japanese nuclear reactor still looms. The outcome of the escalating war in Libya is uncertain. Yet The Standard & Poor’s 500 index ended the week up 2.7 percent. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 3.1 percent. So what happened to all that headline-driven volatility from two weeks ago? If you look at historical patterns, this week’s rebound isn’t so surprising. The numbers suggest stocks will likely keep rising for the next few months.

Excuse me for a minute while I go beat my head with a bat!

Tip to Curtis Purington, Portfolio Manager at Oppenheimer & Co., for the link.

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