Trend Following Stories! There Is a Reason

Some question biographical stories of successful trend following traders. They don’t initially see the relevance. I have learned, however, that when you expose people to the subject of trend following trading their learning jumps by leaps and bounds when you introduce them to the real winners. Not the shiny PR bios mind you, but real behind the scenes life stories and strategies. If you can see yourself in the backgrounds of some of the greats, if you can relate to their upbringing and values, if you can relate to their struggles, you are going to be in a much better position to grasp and utilize their trend following strategies. Better yet, by allowing yourself to feel their lives, you will also begin to see that they all have in much common – which may be the secret decoder ring if there ever was one.

2 thoughts on “Trend Following Stories! There Is a Reason

  1. This is what draws me to Salem Abraham. He’s someone I can relate to…wish I knew more about him.

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