You do not need to know anything about the fundamentals of a stock or a commodity to make money from it. You do not need to know when the next Apple iPad will be released or if it will be any good — to trade Apple. You do not need to know how far Gold will go up, or down, or even why. That information is irrelevant. The only thing you need to know is which way the market is trending and if you are in that direction Because unlike mutual funds, index investing or value investing, trading trends means you can make money when the market goes up or the market goes down. That is no small distinction in a world dominated by prediction experts filling the airwaves everyday.

2 thoughts on “Foundational

  1. Trading futures does require other knowledge besides trend direction.

    Margin Requirements
    Physical Delivery or Cash Settled
    Most liquid contract to trade
    Particular broker restrictions

    And probably other knowledge as well.

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