The Real TurtleTrader Story

I am amazed that people are still confused by the TurtleTrader story, but I guess the Internet allows massive confusion. If you want the full story, and the rules taught to the original Turtles, my book is the only title out there telling it straight and complete.

What Are People Saying?

“Most beat-the-market books aren’t worth my shelf space. This one is.” Bloomberg (James Pressley)

“If you want to beat the market, you have to do something different from what everyone else is doing, and you have to be right. In this fascinating and instructive book, Michael Covel tells how a group of novice traders used a system that generated trades that were both different and right, and which made them a lot of money. If you want to understand the real world of trading, read this book.” Bill Miller, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Legg Mason Capital Management

“Because Covel so clearly lays out these ingredients of success, his book is relevant not just to trend traders, but to anyone who aspires to greatness in the markets. The message is clear: to win, the odds must be in your favor, and you must have the fortitude to keep playing, remain consistent, and compound your edge. That’s a formula for success in any field of endeavor, which may be why the Turtle story finds universal appeal.” Brett Steenbarger

“I did enjoy the book…I hope it’s doing well for you.” Turtle Tom Shanks

“The book was wonderful…” Turtle Michael Shannon

“Liked it. Congratulations on a job well done.” Turtle Jeff Gordon

“Book is very good…thank you for going for the truth and objectivity.” Turtle Lucy Wyatt

“All in all, not bad. I wish it had never been done and I wish I were not in it, but I know that you were definitely going to do it, so I figured I would try to get the truth out as much as possible. By and large, it worked that way.” Turtle Jim DiMaria

“Nice book.” Turtle Russell Sands

“I can say that after hearing the turtle story many times from many of the people that are part of the story and after reading many articles about such story, this is by far the most entertaining, inspiring, extensive, and honest story of the turtles I have ever read.” Second Generation Turtle Francisco Vaca (Currently an associate with original Turtle Paul Rabar)

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