Real Estate Drives the Game

I own a residential piece of property in Fairfax, Virginia. Fortunately, that area is protected by the Washington, DC government force field (for now), but for the rest of the country it’s so not good:

And Now House Prices Will Now Drop Another 20%

Crash Points

Is Housing Due to Revert to the Mean Price?

Where is the inflection point for ‘this’ to all turn positive again? That’s not a trading question, but rather a philosophical one.

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3 thoughts on “Real Estate Drives the Game

  1. The interesting corollary to this is that the terrific performance of REIT’s has stood in stark contrast to the perpetually bad news around real estate. Yet again, the trend is your friend…

  2. Michael, I am interested in your opinion about this escenario. Let say that a family of 4, husband, wife and 2 children, parents purchased a house in the 80s, they started their family,they got a small 2nd mortgage to pay for collage (they already paid it back) they have been making payments for 23 years, the house is almost paid in full. Now the man of the house lost his job, he can not keep making the payments, his house is in foreclosure. My question to you is this what do you think of this economical system we live in. A similar situation would have been if the family owe the R-taxes and can not pay them, Please.

  3. Another thing these people who are saying that the goverment is interfiering to the freedom of Capitalism. Who the hell is here to pay the taxes and support the goverment and what is the goverment for, the goverment is suppose to be there to defend the poorer, it is abusive how the banks are becoming richer now and people who had some money saved already are screwed broke because the they are paying for everyone mistakes. I call it everybudy because the goverment is as responsible as me for borrowing money at the wrong time but bank loaned it to me because they thought they could get it back. This is not at all a democracy it basically a rip off of the citizens and all the mechanisms is this capitalism is in favor of the rich, it is not a fifty fifty deal at all, almost nothing in this country is a fear deal it is always in favor of the more powerfull with the exception of many criminal laws.

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