Election Realities

The Republicans win the House (and perhaps Senate) and then what? They will move for ‘spending cuts’ (a good idea that never really happens) and it will be a battle over shutting the government down (like in the Clinton era). The result? Republicans will blink, Americans will keep big government, and we will all wait for the next bubble to pop.

My view is neither pro right or left, just reality.

6 thoughts on “Election Realities

  1. Oh, they’ll have spending cuts..They’ll cut what they hate: education, the arts, school lunch programs, WIC (women in crisis) funding, etc. They will increase spending on the things they love: jesus, and killing brown people.

  2. This election doesn’t matter…things have to get a LOT worse before the really tough decisions that are needed will be made. And those decisions will have to be forced on politicians. Otherwise, same old rhetoric.

    In Indiana, Dan Coats is running on a platform of reducing spending yet calls out his opponent for voting for a resolution to save $500b in MediCare payments over next 10 years. Go figure

  3. Jim,
    It’s kind of like being out of a job, spending $1,500 a month on a Ferrari payment. Instead of getting rid of the Ferrari, I’ll just drop my $10/month HBO subscription. Yea, that’ll do it.

  4. Gene that was a pretty stupid comment. You really buy into all that propaganda? Yea they love killing brown people! thats it! hilarious that you say that. All of those “brown” people you are talking about, I assume you are referring to Middle Easterners are actually racially white. Just because you have brown skin doesnt make you racially different than someone in northern europe.

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