Winning and Losing in Life

An excerpt from Sports Illustrated recently:

Once in a while, Jim Harbaugh [Football coach at Stanford] asks his Stanford players to name the one thing you have to do to make an NFL team. The answers come quickly: ‘You have to be talented.’ ‘You have to work hard.’ Nope, Jim says. A lot of guys are talented and work hard and never make it. ‘The one thing you have to do to make an NFL team,’ he says, ‘is take another man’s job away from him. And those men really like those jobs.’


7 thoughts on “Winning and Losing in Life

  1. Well then there is retirement while still able to make a roster, injuries and suspensions where guys aren’t having their job taken away by another player. Can always hope for a 33rd team as well.

  2. Good economic lesson…if instead of a system where someone has to lose their job to allow someone else in, how competitive would the NFL be if everyone was guaranteed a job? And if you failed, what if someone picked you up and put you on a team anyway?

    Sounds like America over the last 20 years. Pretty soon people start looking for another league.

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