Secrets? No.

Here is an event that I will be at briefly in Las Vegas.


Not exactly.

Everyone loves that term, but it is hype. Both of the publishers for my two books wanted to use it at one time or the other. No way. This might be the first time in 15 years that I have seen that word associated with my name.

I better find a secret by the 19th!

5 thoughts on “Secrets? No.

  1. You are going to cover entry and exits, risk management, making money during times of trouble, psychology and discipline, and the Trend Following track record in 45 minutes? Michael I didn’t know you could talk so fast!

  2. It’s funny how the word SECRET has the ability to fill seats and sell useless books, especially when it has the word THE in front of it. It made Rhonda Byrne a millionaire overnight.

  3. There’s no secret.. everything is at plain sight, you only need to put down the “i’m too cool” shades.

  4. Michael; Now if you can speak at the World Money Show next February in Orlando, we might be able to get together for a beer. I will be speaking there on the subject “Buy and Hold vs Trend Following”

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