Must Read for Trend Followers

Linchpin is not a trading book by title or content. It is, however, one of the best books for trend followers that I have had the good fortune to read.

4 thoughts on “Must Read for Trend Followers

  1. His The Dip is also good from a trend follower’s perspective.

    Essentially it describes the ability to let losers go, but give yourself the wiggle room to allow good ones to take a breather but stay with them, but all in Seth’s own inimitable style…

  2. As a Turtle/TF novice, what hits me from “Linchpin” is getting to the Real Work i.e. whatever I’m afraid to take on.
    Everything else, however useful, delays getting right into the guts of a problem.
    For me, right now, it’s portfolio choices, correlation, the most useful backtesting, & coding it into simple Excel format.
    Been losing a little in the process (with some wins). It’s the real reality test, my “tuition” costs.
    Mike’s recommendations for study seem to me to be uniquely wide-ranging; gives beginners many different hooks into the core TF strategies.

  3. Again Michael, another good recommendation. I’ve been following Godin’s blog and noticed this latest work.

  4. Michael, thanks for your excellent recommendations. As soon as I finish reading “Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple”, I will continue with this interesting book.

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