The Journey to Find ‘Legit’!

An email in over the weekend:

“Hello, I have been looking over your site and would like to visit your office. Under contact information it states that you have a Nevada and Virginia office but only lists the Virginia office address. I live in Nevada and would like to visit your office before I would order anything. If you can please send me that address I would appreciate it. Thank you, Sean S.”

Then came his follow-up:

“Hello, I don’t mean that we have to sit down and meet. I just want to see that you have a physical office. Something I can go visit. Just another way for me to prove that you are a legit company.”

My thoughts:

1. If you can’t establish ‘legit’ after reading every link here we are no match.

2. I am a child of the Internet. If I could run my office with no physical space it would be my preference. Floating in the clouds somewhere would suit me just fine.

8 thoughts on “The Journey to Find ‘Legit’!

  1. Was it Enron or Worldcom that had their entire 6th floor set up as a movie set full of staffers pretending to be “traders” when the analysts arrived?

  2. Doesn’t this guy know that there are companies that rent space at prestigious addresses and then sublet temporary space to people trying to make an impression?

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