Seminars Week of November 14th Las Vegas

I have a busy week November 14th in Las Vegas, but there are (2) slots open for one on one seminars:

November 15th

November 17th

More info on in-person seminars: here and here.

These are one on one, unless you have a prearranged group.

12 thoughts on “Seminars Week of November 14th Las Vegas

  1. 1 on 1 taught by Michael Covel. Tuition: $9500 USD per person.

    … Michael, I appreciate all your work/dedication but that’s a hefty fee!
    … I’m close to call this reckless! A rip-off! Don’t lose reality!
    … Wall Street and their bonuses are NOTHING compared to your rates!
    … you for SURE can enjoy a jet set life! Vegas, S.D., Virginia… conferences.
    … that’s showing off and NOT in the interest of the ‘real trend-followers’

    But tell me then: what are you doing with all this money? What’s your goal in life? I’m just curious… ever thought of insatiable is not sustainable (

    Of course, you might not wanna answer my questions. I just hope you would step up and EXPLAIN!!! Thanks.

  2. Tharp doesn’t even charge fees like that….. what did you do Mike…. blow up your account?

  3. Rob & William F,

    Instead of bitching about the prices Michael charges, you can simply choose not to buy. I’m not trying to defend Michael (he can do that on his own). I’d like a Bugatti Veyron, but I don’t have the $1.5mm to blow on a car. So, I simply don’t buy. If Michael charges $9,500 for a one on one, demand must justify it. What’s it to you guys?

  4. I have nothing against anybody making a profit but Covel’s prices have gotten a bit ridiculous. I would have a hard time paying a marketer that is unwilling to back up his claims with some proof of his trading abilities using what he teaches.

  5. Why do I care about what Tharp does or doesn’t do?

    William F., if you don’t think I can add value to your trading, you won’t be a client and I won’t lose an ounce of sleep. Please note that it is a privilege to post here. If you act like an a** and just start ranting and raving, some of your posts might not last long.

  6. Thanks for your reply Michael. And Todd you are right I don’t have (and won’t) buy the 1 on 1. And I am not jealous about Mike’s success. I am just wondering and keep asking myself: why not be a little more modest, especially regarding stuff we love to do. I think it’s just sad to charge that amount of money (eventhough people are still paying it, and thus seems to be a market price, and lawyers charge even more… which is a bad explanation). This might sound too ‘idealistic’, nice and even naive… but still: does money alone really make happiness? Of course, Mike will ask now ‘What is happiness anyway’. I just wish you all do things more intrinsically motivated every now and then. And don’t get me wrong we all have to earn and live by but why just blindly follow the (moneymaking) herd… a rather philosophical question, however, an interesting one.

  7. Its hilarious how many people can’t see $9500 being a worthwhile expense for some. If you are a money manager or have a good sized individual account and he introduces one concept (from a topic he has devoted his life to) that makes an incremental change in how you manage money or yourself it could be worth hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, etc, with the downside being that you lose $9500 and get to meet someone who has influence in the industry. These comments are employee vs employer mentality at its best.

  8. Rob, you are confusing the concepts of happiness and my training’s pricing, and in turn attacking me without knowing me. You are correct, you do sound naive. You sound like some of the characters in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and ‘The Fountainhead’. Those characters complained about this or that, but always did it in a way where they supposedly held the moral high ground. It’s pretty easy to see an Ellsworth Toohey coming from a mile a way. Your questions pose no useful philosophical debates. Your questions let honest men know… what is next around the bend. Here is the big question Rob: do you work for free? Wise observers know your answer will be, “No, but you should not make more than me.”

  9. look im a 22 year old man in the united states airforce… Average male from the southern part in Colorado. I was raised in a middle class family with middle class friends. I was taught to work for what you got an be happy with what you got. Middle class has gone on through my family an friends for generations an im here telling you its bull shit and i want to break the chain. I want a success story like Michael covel. i was wondering what tips you could offeror anyhelp you had for a guy like me who has determination an full initiative to becoming that of a millionaire. That of a success story to go home an be proud to be a simple mountain raised kid that became a huge success.. any tips you got would help. 702-469-4540

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