No Government Solution

In directing Broke I was obstinate about a critical issue: the government is not a solution. It is a never ending debate. It never stops. Every day talking heads push left or push right. The Fed does this or does that. To what end? At the end of a lifetime — where does it get anyone?

6 thoughts on “No Government Solution

  1. Michael,

    I know this is a bit off topic but….
    John Henry wants to buy Liverpool football club, aka the team i have supported my whole life. I know he owns the Boston Red Sox and I know you follow baseball because you talk about it in Trend following, and I know you know a great deal about John Henry. So, I just wanted to politely ask if does sport as well as he does trading because I don’t know anything about baseball and wouldn’t be able to tell if he had been good for the Red Sox or not. I only ask this because we (Liverpool) are F**ked, so much so that if he were following the trend he would be shorting us not buying. Thanks!

  2. My understanding is that Henry has turned the Red Sox into a goldmine. He has already won 2 world championships — when before it had been 80 years since they had won. Henry is a winner.

  3. JWH has also bought half ownership in a storied American stock-car racing team (Roush-Fenway) that is contending for this year’s championship.
    I’ve Red-Sox-fan friends here around Boston whose lifelong experience, prior to JWH ownership was annual despair, now permanently off the suicide watch.
    Predictions are useless, of course :), but you may have reason to feel better about your “soccer” club, going forward.

  4. Back to the topic of your post. Europe is no different and talking heads flood TV shows and newspapers. More and more I’ve got the impression that Atlas Shrugged was written only a few weeks ago.

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