FREE Kindle Version of Trend Following — Now

Want my book ‘Trend Following’ absolutely FREE on Kindle? Only a few days left for this special offer:

Go now.

14 thoughts on “FREE Kindle Version of Trend Following — Now

  1. Nice deal there Michael. For anyone not familiar with e-books, you don’t need an e-reader to take advantage of Michael’s offer. You can download a Kindle for PC program from Amazon and then read the “book” on your computer.


  2. Yes, Fred. I just downloaded it on my iPod touch with free Kindle viewer. That said, I could not imagine reading the whole book on it! But nice to have for portable reference!

  3. I already bought the paperback version a while ago, but would also like to have a portable reference. Unfortunately Amazon did charge me for the full price when I got the Kindle version. What did I do wrong?

  4. I guess it is an international thing. When I use the link I will be charged 13.79 for international delevery. Not sure if that’s a fair price to get those bits and bytes all the way to here, the Netherlands…:)

  5. Michael,

    I was charged for the book too. I think this unfair, I already bought your book in paperback and just wanted this for digital reference. Can something be done about this please?

  6. Jamal, let me get this straight I am responsible for you pressing a button to buy without you checking to see if you are being charged? Interesting. I don’t run Amazon and don’t run this promotion. Plenty of people have clearly downloaded it for free!

  7. Jamal, just contact Amazon. They will refund the money and remotely delete the copy of the book from your Kindle device/app.

  8. The book is free for delivery to Kindle/Kindle PC App only in the USA. If you are accessing the book from any other international location and you click the “Buy now with 1-Click” button, Amazon takes you to a page where it asks for the delivery address (either new or taken from a previously saved address). If the address mentions a country other than the USA the checkout process clearly prompts the user saying that the price is different for the chosen country. It is only after confirming that the user agrees to the changed price does the billing happen.

  9. I clicked on the “go now” to get the free kindle version but when I clicked on the 1 click buy I got charged – what a humbug, now I have to go through the trouble cancelling it.

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