Prediction Insanity

Two videos and two predictive extremes:

And the bear:

Shout to for the video ideas.

8 thoughts on “Prediction Insanity

  1. That Jeff Hirsch guy was just on Fox Business saying the same thing. He must be making his rounds. The key to media success: Make outlandish, stupid predictions, and the brain-dead will have you on the air.

    BTW, didn’t someone write a book back in 1999/2000, the Dow 36,000?

  2. That would be Harry S Dent. Around 2008 timeframe he wrote another book about the coming crash, which is yet to materialize.

  3. What is the definition of an “individual investor”? This term is being bantered about so consistently that it has entered our psyche as a truth.

    Aren’t most individual investors in mutual funds, and yes, bonds? I’m thinking the institutional investors are the ones who are poring their money into bonds.

    What is amazing right now is bond prices are moving up; precious metals are moving up; stocks are moving up –wonder how many times in history this has happened? Does anyone know?


  4. We are often unable to tell people what they need to know, because they want to know something else, and would therefore only misunderstand what we said.”

    — The Raven, from Lilith by George MacDonald

    That quote could have been used in “Trend Following”.

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