3 thoughts on “Prediction v. Reaction

  1. I guess if your an ultra perma-bear, you just have to be right once (even a broken clock is right twice a day). Good thing I don’t rely on forecasts and prognostication.

  2. I don’t know if cash-only is the right thing. There is just too much cash around for the values you can buy.

    It is transferred via bonds to the governments, o.k. mainly bought based on debt. But this debt will not disappear easily. There won’t be any haircuts. Why? It’s so easy to print money. You even don’t need paper. Why risk all the trouble.
    And the Chinense and Arab cash accounts. China alone owns over 2 trillions in cash. What happens, if they start to liquidate that? They won’t?
    These two forces will guarantee at least a very asymmetric body with the head&shoulders. Head&shoulders with a raised arm?
    Maybe life is too short to wait for the 2000-3000 in the Dow…

    Michael, thanks for the used car seller videos. Laughed a lot with my children.

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