Imagine anyone living in NYC could transport to Tokyo in 1 hour. Current flight time? 13 hours. So imagine you can shave off 12 hours. Once you get to Tokyo you have a hand held device that allows you to broadcast HD video to the world at 24p (30p or whatever — fastest available).

EVERYONE has this capability. Now what?

Of course, the travel time drop is not about to happen, but the hand-held broadcasting is easily imagined. Map out the economic development that unleashes?

6 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. That’s already available via handhelds in Japan and elsewhere. Not realtime right now, but that’s a matter of months.

  2. Ken, I am not saying it’s not impossible, but look how long it has taken a relatively simple innovation (the Internet) to get mainstream. At least that was in use, albeit by the minority, for decades before Netscape in 1995. So, since there is no travel time decrease or life extension remotely close to even parallel with the Internet at its infancy (circa 1970)…not sure time decrease and life extension are realistic for decades. Not being a downer, but I just don’t hear people being realistic.

  3. …and if we had all this tomorrow…then what?

    There just seems to be some real barriers to innovation in certain areas. I don’t think humans like to imagine ceilings.

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