Sunday Lazy

From a reader today:

Good Morning, I would like to know if it is possible to send a personal letter/ email to George Soros. I am currently in college and would like to reach Mr. Soros with a personal question regarding my business future. I would really appreciate if you could help me, find his mail address or an email address he uses personally. I know this whole thing sounds weird and most of the time successful people like him can not be reached, but I am a big fan of him and would like to ask for his advice. Thank you in advance, Sincerely, Marton H.

Are you serious? If you are, get serious.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Lazy

  1. Dear Michael,

    Good evening. I would like to know if it would be possible to get personal contact with Barack Obama. You are famous. President Obama is famous. I figured you might know him. I am looking for bailout money so that I can improve the economy. Please provide me with his cell phone number and/or email address. This may sound weird but giving me money will make everyone better off. Yes, I’m serious.

    K thx.


  2. Michael

    Presumably there was a time when you were in college and didn’t know any successful traders. Yet you have since learned from some of the most successful in the world.

    This guy just wants to do what you did. And where better to start than to approach someone who might be able to send George Soros an email saying ‘Can I give this guy your email address?’.

    Publicly calling Marton H a ‘nutjob’ (and thereby potentially knocking his confidence and exposing him to derision) isn’t a great way of encouraging an ambitious young man…


  3. I had someone want to sit down with me over the weekend to ask advice about making a documentary film. This was the second time she had asked for advice and the second time I had granted a lunch. The first time? 13 months ago. Almost immediately I asked if she was serious and when did she plan to start. The answer? Long winded excuses.

    Further, if getting close to anyone was as easy as one email, everyone would do it. Hence my retort, “are you serious?” If he is, he will make it happen. If not, he will fire off emails to random people looking for random connections with the word ‘weird’ in them. Not exactly what I did at all. If people want to know what I did, I am an open book and it’s been written (he clearly did not bother to read that before writing me which perhaps speaks to my response). It’s clearly not his method. Nobody gets ahead today with his approach.

    Now Jeff, let’s hold hands and talk about our feelings.

  4. Michael –

    Maybe Marton has tried other approaches as well.

    And credit where credit’s due. Marton’s letter was politely written, and it took guts for him to send it. He probably figured that a letter or a phone call would be stonewalled by a PA, so he had to try other approaches. I applaud his initiative.

    As for holding hands, it’s a generous offer, but I’ll pass! If the lady in the kimono made that offer, I might accept. But, whilst I’m open to new experiences, the thought of holding hands with you just doesn’t appeal to me! 🙂


  5. Dan –

    A guy I know was laughed at when he told his friends that he wanted to speak to Warren Buffett, but he eventually managed it!

    As the guy pointed out, the word ‘impossible’ should be used with the greatest of caution…


  6. Michael –

    It’s guts in the sense that he’s risking rejection and failure.

    It’s less painful to fail by inaction than by action, and he chose to take action.

    Re: Sending an email – I’m not sure where you’re coming from. Would he have got further by doorstepping you outside your office? 🙂


  7. Michael,
    I think you could comprise a book out of the conversations/debates you and Jeff Waters have had. I know it is serious, but also entertaining.

  8. Todd, maybe not a book, but a long magazine piece…I do get bored with it, but the responses never cease to amaze me. I just don’t understand how people come to view the world like he does.

  9. Michael

    I may disagree with you on certain matters, but I’d like to think that I’ve argued logically, and not fallen into the trap of letting you provoke me with personal comments. 🙂

    And to quote a wise man ‘I often face intense reactions because I represent the other side that’s never considered.’

    Todd – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my exchanges with Michael! 🙂 If I ever write a sitcom, I’ll have to revisit these debates for inspiration!


  10. I don’t think you argue logically at all. If I was in your position I would try to understand why I say that, but by this time it is clear you don’t care. You either argue for the sake of arguing, or you are obtuse. That is not personal, just reality.

    BTW, I don’t respond for humor. I respond because I want the thousands of people who come through here to see the wrong way to think. You are useful for that.

  11. Michael –

    I don’t debate for humor either. I debate because it’s enjoyable and because I’m intellectually curious.

    As for whether I am obtuse, as I’ve said before, I don’t respond to ad hominem attacks. I love debating the issues, but attacking the debater is not a valid position IMHO.


  12. You don’t demonstrate intellectual curiosity.

    Obtuse is not an attack, it’s my observation of how you handle yourself, what you understand, and what you say.

    If you don’t like the definition, then perhaps time to look into the mirror.

  13. Michael –

    Considering the calibre of some of the people you criticise on this website, I don’t take your comments too personally! 🙂


  14. I don’t care whether it’s taken personal or not. Based on all my experience, call it like I see them. People trust me to do that. As I said, you should be trying to figure out what you are missing.

  15. Michael –

    What gives you the right to direct unsolicited comments at people that could be taken personally?

    And I question what basis in fact you have for your claims. If someone asked you for a reference, when you didn’t know them personally, but had merely read some posts they’d put on the Internet, you’d tell them not to be silly. Yet you presume to make bold statements about me when that is all you have to go on!

    It might not be so bad if you showed a bit of humility and used words like ‘apparently’ or ‘seems’. But today you wrote ‘it is clear you don’t care’. How on earth can you possibly know with such certainty what I do and don’t care about? If it’s possible for you to know the unknowable, perhaps you’d care to share next week’s winning lottery numbers with me? 🙂


  16. Unsolicited? You walk on my blog and offer non-stop inane comments and thinking (see below for example), but you want people to imagine you are really some depth-filled individual to be respected? You are judged for what you write and how you think. I don’t ask for permission to use all of my experience to pass judgment. That is my right. Bottom line, you don’t know which end is up and should be asking yourself why I would say that.

    Examples of absolutely no intellectual curiosity:

  17. Michael –

    The criticism were unsolicited and have flimsy basis in fact.

    And I don’t try to present myself as ‘some depth-filled individual to be respected’. I’m an unpretentious guy – what you see is what you get!

    But if I were all the things you think I am, there wouldn’t be much I could do about it, so why bring it to my attention? If someone has a hideous mole on their face, it serves little purpose to present them with a mirror…


  18. Jeff the waterfall waters…
    “If someone has a hideous mole on their face,it serves little purpose to present them with a mirror…” Get real…Your are dicking around with time…Michael this bitch is nuts…I agree with Todd. This was amusing…

    PS. Where should I put my dollars now? The US (My country) is taking my future away.

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