5 thoughts on “We Are the Problem

  1. When sticking to the system they overcome these evolutionary shortcomings.. but it’s because the system, not because the bright human brain ;-))

    As beginning trader it’s confrontational to see I make the same stupid mistakes..

  2. typical left loon garbage. the humans are always the problem to them: global warming is another example where in the end we are the problem.

  3. Sandwah, you miss the point.

    This is just another example of how trading a trend following method will make you a winner… whether the market is made up of humans or monkeys LOL!

  4. This is an incredible presentation.

    It helps explain to me why it is so difficult to engage most “intelligent” people in a rational discussion of economics and profit and loss in trading. They tend to dismiss trendfollowing and fall back on what they refer to as “common sense,” usually involving some Keynesian loss aversion macro-view or buy-and-hold fundamentalist view of the markets that explains unequivocally that the markets will rise….even while the entire market falls into the toilet.

    Their “common sense” might be rooted in a 35 million year old bias.


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