‘Price’ Makes All Markets the Same

Richard Donchian blazed the trail with the straightforward notion that trading many markets at the same time with the same rules — works:

“When I first got into commodities, no one was interested in a diversified approach. There were cocoa men, cotton men, grain men … they were worlds apart. I was almost the first one who decided to look at all commodities together. Nobody before had looked at the whole picture and had taken a diversified position with the idea of cutting losses short and going with a trend.”

Don’t get hung up on the word “commodity.” His quotation is probably 60 years ago. The key is the STRATEGY, not the INSTRUMENT.


3 thoughts on “‘Price’ Makes All Markets the Same

  1. Michael,
    I trade a small portfolio of diversified commodity futures according to the rules of Richard Donchian and Richard Dennis. Have you ever considered doing a DVD that concentrates on their careers and success?Also, have you ever thought about making your “mentoring” DVDs by guys like Larry Hite and Salem Abraham,available separately?

    Mark Varney

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