New Tie?

I generally like Fareed Zakaria, but check this out:

Regardless of Buffett’s bailouts, etc. — doesn’t everyone think it is a little odd that anyone would question his ‘money’ acumen? He did after all make a few billion last I checked. And even if he is wearing a beat up tie, telling him to go spend on a new one is the EXACT reason in many ways why we are in the mess we are in!

5 thoughts on “New Tie?

  1. what a dumb segment. these idiots are scratching their heads wondering why consumers arent spending and why companies arent spending their cash horde? pretty simple – it’s a function of certainty, specifically, who uncertain we all are about the economy given how inside the beltway they are bent on destroying capitalism and raising taxes… the latter even keynes agreed that was wrong to do in recessions. when you lift uncertainty, give consumers the rules and a fair game, the economy as it always does, will cycle upward again.

  2. I generally do not like Fareed Zakaria and think he is extremely biased on his show and books. I respectfully disagree with a lot of his ideas. And I know most people are biast just saying….

  3. Andrew, I did not say that I like all of his views, but for example this weekend he did let Niall Ferguson speak freely and I am betting you like Ferguson.

  4. You would be betting right. At least he let him speak freely….. not like Mr. Dean and the R word. Remember if someone disagree’s with policy (from certain groups) they are of course the dreaded “R” word.

  5. It is a “given” in this piece that the key to getting the economy going is to get the consumer to spend again. He says that Obama understands that, like it’s some sort of universally accepted premise.

    But isn’t the consumer broke? Wasn’t it excessive consumer spending that caused the problems in the first place? If the consumer starts to spend before his house is in order, that means he’s doing it on borrowed money, like Lindsay Lohan falling off the wagon before her probation’s even over.

    It might paper over the problem until Obama is long gone and enjoying the public speaking tour, but it will NOT end happily for the US and Joe Sixpack.

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