2 thoughts on “Jim Puplava and Michael Covel Radio Interview

  1. Michael, just listened to your interview with Jim and really liked it. I’ve been a technical trader for many years and trend following is a natural TA topic (MAs and whatnot). I definitely plan on reading both of your books (TF and the Turtles).


  2. Michael,
    downloaded your interview to my mobile and listened to it many times over. One interesting point you made in the interview was about Sharpe Ratio and how many Trend Following Hedge Fund’s scroecard gets blemished due to Upside volatility. Was going through Investopedia and found about the Sortino Ratio (http://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/sortinoratio.asp) which to developed precisely for this purpose. Thought of sharing the same with you.

    I am planning to incorporate it as one of the parameters for fine tuning my trading system.

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