What Were the Backgrounds of the Turtles?

An excerpt from my book “The Complete TurtleTrader” that gives the background perspective of the Turtles:

“Richard Dennis wanted a mishmash of personalities, similar to MTV’s Real World and their diverse casting calls. He selected both far-right-wing conservatives and bleeding-heart liberals. A high school graduate and an MBA were picked from the thousand-plus applicants who threw their hats into the ring. The wild cross-section of his final Turtle picks demonstrated Dennis’s diversity desires. There were college graduates from the State University of New York at Buffalo (business), Miami University in Ohio (economics), the New England Conservatory of Music (piano, music theory), Ferrum College in Virginia (accounting), Central Connecticut State University (marketing), Brown University (geology), the University of Chicago (Ph.D. in linguistics), Macalester College (history), and the United States Air Force Academy. Others Dennis students had recently held jobs at Cushman/Wake-field (security guard), Caterpillar Tractor (salesperson), Collins Commodities (broker), the Ground Round Restaurant (assistant manager), A.G. Becker (phone clerk), Palomino Club (bartender), and Dungeons and Dragons (board game designer). One student simply declared his status as “unemployed.” Earlier job histories of those who made the final cut were even more mundane: kitchen worker, teacher, prison counselor, messenger, accounting assistant, and waiter.”

And don’t forget Klezmer musicians!

Nurture beats nature!

6 thoughts on “What Were the Backgrounds of the Turtles?

  1. I don’t believe that nurture always beats nature Mr. Covel. Evidence would be that no Caucasian or Asian person has ever run a sub 10.00 second 100m. It is dang near impossible based on genetics/evolution. http://run-down.com/guests/je_black_athletes_p2.php
    Lots of good studies on this touchy subject but viewed scientifically well it is obvious.

  2. I believe it’s a combination. An extremely good looking person for example with an IQ of 115 will definitely have an easier time in most social and corporate environments, than an unattractive person with an IQ of 125. A child that inherits a 100 million bucks will most likely never converge socially or economically with someone born to drug addicted parents. Nature provides raw material, nurture refines the raw material. Some people beat the odds, but they are not at the fat end of the tail. Born in communist China in the 50’s ? Most likely not going to be a hedge fund manager. Five foot 3, 130 pounds ? Not going to hit 40 home runs in the big leagues.

  3. Andrew,

    Consciously, or unconsciously, those who run sub 10.00 second 100m had specific and regular practice for a considerable amount of time, for many, many, many generations. The very basis of what you call nature is an adaptive response to a particular type of nurture – which is responsible for what is also known as evolution. It is this structured change in nature that brings about it’s various appearances. Instead of asking what is natures purpose, it is better to ask what is it’s underlying nature and how does it change?

    Discount the obvious, bet on the unexpected.

  4. The madness is in our shared experience and belief in Nurture/Nature duality. And what we have here is a common ground in shared illusion.

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