“Sheep, Go that Way!”

Real estate seems to be in trouble again as evidenced by here and here. However, I still love the logic from a critic of my film:

“Actually, all houses WILL eventually regain their value. It will be the very simple combination of eventual market stabilization and inflation. It’s why even with a burst bubble, my modest home is worth twice what I paid for it—because I bought it 11 years ago. It’s why all homes in 5 or 10 years will be worth more than they are today.”

There are sheep in my film for a reason.

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8 thoughts on ““Sheep, Go that Way!”

  1. Many people think this way. Here (Netherlands) it’s even worse. My generation (age 25) still believes the price of a house only moves in one direction (up, sky high and even higer). Many of our parents have made much money due to the excess value. Bcs of that (ignoring what’s happening worldwide) the general opinion is: a house is a sound, solid and probably the best investment one can make.. At this time we just had a minor pricedrop. The government is doing everything it can to ‘safe’ the market but in the long term, things are getting just more worse.

    still need to see your movie michael! Do I really need Itunes for streaming (I’m using opensource software)?

  2. Is there a possibility to buy the DVD not via amazon.com? amazon tells me that it cannot ship it to germany :-/

  3. Home prices don’t have to increase simply because they’re homes. The Japanese had 15 years of steadily declining housing prices.

  4. “Value” increases due to inflation are entirely illusory. Try telling that to a sheep, though.

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