Insights from My 15 Years: More Ways We Can Help

Recently I have debated how to allow more collaboration on my sites. Some feedback in from a long time reader:

“Mike, you’ve created a very, very strong presence and are a thought leader…I’ve attracted some large investors from actively participating on some private message boards, so I am fully aware of the potential. And, at some point you’re going to want to take what you’ve developed to the next level. That could mean a lot of different things. Offering a sponsorship may be the safest way initially (as opposed to becoming a consultant/rep/solicitor). Here is a unrelated example. In addition to business owners and executives, many of my investors are specialized physicians. For a few years xxx Capital was a “TMA corporate partner”. The TMA is the Tennessee Medical Association with 10,000 member physicians in TN. Take a look at these links to understand how they did it. I did the Elite Package which allowed me to pen 6 articles in their monthly publication, a full page ad in the same every month, we attended their annual meeting (with a booth, etc), links and logo on their website, did some conference calls, etc. The large funds that you’ve included on your site an in your books have no doubt already benefited immensely from your efforts (and you have benefited from their giving you access). It’s probably some of the lesser known and possibly even better shops that need the help in…gaining more exposure. I will suggest the next Soros probably looks a lot like what I sent you last night! And, of course, you’ll need to check them out diligently using the regulatory websites. Some people can appear one way, but when you check them out with regulators they’ve bounced around a lot and are actually salesmen, not money managers.”
Mike S.
Chief Investment Officer
Portfolio Manager xxx Capital Management LLC

Thanks Mike for the insights. We are definitely considering other options where we can add value beyond courses, books and my film. For example:

1. My firm will definitely offer space for third party sponsors shortly. This will include, after first vetting the ‘right’ partners, fixed promotional space on our sites and the ability to submit articles and or research. This can also include the ability to place third party “offers” on our sites.

2. We will soon launch in-person seminar events. What will be covered? Trader training in trend following will be a core seminar direction, but we will also be assisting other businesses to understand our proprietary marketing, branding and business practices. Fifteen years into this I have learned a few things about online entrepreneurship that have nothing to do with trend following!

3. A boot camp for learning how to gain access to top pros. There is a method to my madness so to speak, and sharing those “get in the door” techniques will help thousands. Readers and clients have been asking about this for years.